Raynor for NYS Assembly District 18
The Sky’s the Limit

The Sky’s the Limit

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Taylor Raynor


We Need Change

Democrat Taylor Raynor, an Industrial Organizational Psychologist, is putting her career on hold so she can fight for the future of NYS Assembly District 18.

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"I don't want my district to just survive; I want it to thrive!


-Taylor Raynor

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“ We need to internalize this idea of excellence…”

-Barack Obama


Taylor Raynor was born in Brooklyn, NY to Raulston and Towana Bertley. The standard of excellence they applied to their lives was immediately bestowed onto her. Her father, Raulston, served in the military and her mother, Towana, devoted her life to law, justice and education. During her early childhood, Taylor lived in Europe with her devoted parents. It was there that she welcomed her little sister, Sydney; who has been Taylor’s biggest supporter and best friend ever since.

At the age of 5, Taylor’s family returned to the United States and their native home of Brooklyn, settling into a Bedford Stuyvesant home where Taylor and her family would reside for the next half decade. It was during that time Taylor and her sister Sydney became nationally-ranked chess players; Taylor credits the game for developing her strategic approach to problem solving, which has served her well in every endeavor she’s undertook.

However, when Taylor was 10, tragedy struck - the man that taught her the game of chess, the man she looked up to in every aspect of her life, her father, passed away from a terminal illness.  Taylor's mother was grief stricken so at the age of 11, Taylor made the final decision to move to Nassau County, a place she has called home ever since. Taylor went on to thrive at Turtle Hook Jr. High School and Uniondale High School.  

Her love of leadership and serving her community was sparked at Uniondale High School.  Taylor served as the Voice of Uniondale and President of several clubs including the Student Government Association.  She graduated from Uniondale High School where she graduated with honors at just 16 years old.   Taylor attended her dream school, Spelman College, in Atlanta, Georgia.  After three incredible years she graduated with honors at age 19 and entered a Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. 

Unfortunately, three years into the Doctoral Program Taylor's mother fell ill, afflicted by a terminal illness. The diagnosis hit Taylor in an all too familiar place, and she returned to Nassau County to care for her mother. While taking care of her back in Nassau, Taylor enrolled in a Master’s Degree program in Industrial Organizational Psychology at Nassau’s own Hofstra University.  With her Master’s degree complete, Taylor entered the high stakes world of business consulting. Taylor landed her first clients almost immediately, working every hour she was needed, all while being a working mother to 3 children.


“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

-Steve Jobs